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I learned many years ago that all of the most successful Web sites have one thing in common. That is, they all address five specific areas of Internet marketing.

These are:

  1. Getting people to your site.
  2. Getting people to stay at your site.
  3. Getting people to come back to your site.
  4. Getting people to make a transaction at your site.
  5. Getting people to make repeated transactions from your site.

Many of my clients find that optimization with a little selective link building is all it takes to fix their visibility problems. Great!

More often though, you are in a competitive arena and will want services like I offer on an ongoing basis or at least for 6 months and maybe beyond. The Internet is growing exponentially. All of you're competitors are getting online or getting left behind. It is good advice to find a good SEO and stick with them and work on developing and growing your site and implementing specific solutions that address each of the five areas. It takes time to do the work and for it to settle and season, for best results. SEO and unternet marketing never been an over night process.

If you are looking for an Search Engine Optimisation Professional...

Congratulations !! you have just found one!

Hi, I'm Imran, Internet Marketing Specialist and a Search Engine Marketing Strategist. Before I say something about my abilities, please have a look on my results on right side. These are some of 1st page and 1st position SEO results for most competitive keywords on the internet.

You must have been to countless Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) web sites and most of them will give you perception of SEO as Search Engine Optimisation is Rocket Science. Trust me it is not. According to Google SEO guide you shoud always knw what your SEO provider is doing and he cant/shouldnt give any kind of guarantees. Don't take my word Read what Google says

Google's Guideline to choose SEO Professional/Company

My Web site is here to help you in a couple ways. First, if you are looking for a professional SEO expert and/or a bona fide search engine marketing expert to help you succeed online, then you will be able to learn about all the services I offer as a highly regarded and respected Internet marketing specialist.

Second, if you are looking for "do it yourself" SEM information, you'll find great resources, links, articles and information here too. Enjoy your visit and come back often. In fact, go ahead and bookmark this page now as a favorite so you can find it again easily. I will be expanding the resource sections!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of preparing a website for the search engines so that it attracts visitors by securing top rankings for the most relevant search terms and phrases.

Basically, Internet marketing is using the Internet to promote, advertise or sell your products and services.

A BIG confusion many web site owners have

Many people new to search engines are under the impression that once they submit their website to a list of search engines, they will automatically achieve high search engine rankings. In reality, achieving high rankings in the major search engines goes far beyond submitting a website and waiting.

What SEO requires itself

Getting listed at the top of search engines such as Google, and staying there for keywords most relevant to your business will often require a professional search engine optimisation strategy tailored specially for your website.

Search engine optimisation can be deployed on the vast majority of websites and is an extremely powerful advertising solution for any business with an online presence.

Search Engine Professionals or nursery kids ?

If you are looking for SEO Professional you must have experienced all SEO professionals seem like kids in class room. You as a teacher have asked a question and all are raising their hands. Every student has same answer but try to be different using different words.

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There are alot more which are in top 10 on 1st page - Sponsored links are not included in search results for SEO

Valid W3C Standards

HTML and CSS validation is important and very helpfull for your Search Engine Optimisation of your web site. Is you web site valid for these two standards ? check at http://validator.w3.org

Why choosing SEO professional is so hard ?

Now a days SEO has become confusing and most people are unable to decide what to go for, and what to avoid ? I always recommend to my customers to read Google's guide before going to any SEO Professional or any SEO Professional company which offers guarantees even money back guarantees.


My SEO techniques comply with Google! Search Engine Optimisation guidelines and I never use spamy tricks. Please contact me and let me do this job for you.

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